Appreciating Techniques.

“Craftsmanship”. So many shops, so many flavors.

The way a shop “makes its soba” as well as its “soup broth and seasonings” are physical representations of the soba shopkeeper’s desires.
2:8 Soba is made by blending 80% buckwheat and 20% wheat, adjusting the amount of water depending on how dry the season is, and crafting finely-textured, smooth noodles in the long, thin shape characteristic of the Edo style.

The soup broth, which serves as a shop’s face, is made by blending a soup base made from original ingredients with mellowed soy sauce and sweet sake.
The ratio by which the various soup base ingredients, such as bonito and mackerel, are blended with sugar, soy sauce and mirin (sweet sake) is devised separately by each shop, and the result is provided as soup broth for warm soba and dipping sauce for soba served on bamboo.

Each shop offers its own unique soup broth. We would like you to find the ones that you most like.