Enjoy the chicness.

This is the very essence of “chicness”. Soba should be slurped up.

When eating soba, true Tokyoites prefer it to be accompanied by sake, assorted appetizers and a final-course soba dish.
The reason that drinking sake together with snacks and appetizers has become such a hit may be because, in the modern era, it is a time to unwind after work and speak frankly about colleagues and bosses.

People like to enjoy snacks and appetizers such as fish paste with horseradish, rolled omelets and grilled duck while drinking moderate amounts at a set pitch without getting excessively drunk, and as a final course, they slurp up soba served on bamboo in one breath. They slurp it up … but without over-eating.

People quickly put the noodles in their mouth and slurp them down as a final dish, then they call out, “The money is on the table!” as they head home.
This presence and attitude – like a crisp, refreshing, cool breeze – is the very pinnacle of chicness.