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“Tokyo 2:8 Soba”
We offer customers in the present day an authentic flavor that has been passed down since the Edo period.

By continuing down through the generations to make homemade “noodles” and “soup broth”, we provide the delicious flavor of soba in the modern age.
Tokyo Metropolitan Noodle Cooperative member shops,
working to further improve the quality of the flavor and texture of soba while carrying on the tradition of homemade production,
launched the “Tokyo 2:8 Soba” brand out of a desire to provide
the fun of experiencing the chicness of the Edo period in the modern age.
We provide techniques and flavor passed down
since the Edo period through 516 member shops in the Tokyo area as of December 2019.

Tokyo Metropolitan Noodle Cooperative

“2:8 Soba”
Why is it so delicious?

It all started in the middle of the Edo period.
At the time, people ate soba (buckwheat) in the form of dumplings or mixed with glutinous rice to make rice cakes. Through various innovations to make it easier to eat, it transformed into sliced soba, the shape of modern noodles.
Preparing noodles using a blend of 80% buckwheat with a filler of 20% wheat, makes the noodles resilient and easy to slurp down and starting from the craftsmen and residents of Edo, this blend became so popular that merchants and samurai families would have it delivered to their homes.
Long, thin 2:8 Soba, with its texture and delicious mouth-filling flavor, became a daily part of life for the restless residents of Edo and has been well-loved as a good-luck charm. It is eaten to celebrate special occasions, such as at New Year’s, when moving to a new home and to celebrate the Girl’s Festival as a way of calling for “intimate, precise and long-lasting luck”.

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